Thomastown East Primary School



Throughout the year parents, staff and children undertake a variety of activities to raise money for Thomastown East Primary School and other worthwhile organisations.

Some of the fundraising activities the school community undertakes include Mother’s & Father’s Day stalls, Chocolate Drives, Fun Runs and signature Bricks and Casual Dress Days etc.

The children have also donated money raised to some very worthy community causes such as the Save a Koala Fund, Royal Children’s Hospital and the ANZAC day appeal.

On the last day of each term, the children have a casual dress day with a gold coin donation. Money raised each term is used to make donations to various charities. The school community is very proud of the efforts of the students, families and staff that have raised large amounts of money and have donated it to worthy community causes.

Money raised for the school goes directly to grounds beautification or resources for the children to use.

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