Thomastown East Primary School prides itself on offering all students a comprehensive and effective literacy education. Literacy is a curriculum priority within the school.

All students' literacy skills are supported and extended at all grade and ability levels. Classroom literacy programs are based upon the Early Years model. Key elements of our literacy programs are:

  1. Daily focused two hour literacy lesson
  2. Additional assistance for those students who need specialised support
  3. Training and Professional Development to keep staff updated with current literacy practices, research and information
  4. Whole school commitment to delivering quality literacy learning
  5. Support, training and information for parents wishing to support their child's literacy learning
  6. Ongoing assessment of literacy skills and sharing these results with parents on a regular basis
  7. Planned and structured literacy programs specific to the individual needs of each student and focused teaching to support and direct extended learning

All of these skills and areas are taught and integrated within the two-hour literacy block.

Literacy is central to all learning at Thomastown East Primary School and students are actively engaged in literacy activities to complement their overall learning and specific literacy skills

Learning Letracy

Thomastown East Primary School believes that mathematics is an essential aspect of modern life and that it is integral to many fields of endeavour.

We run a comprehensive Numeracy program that focuses on the fundamental principles of the Early Years philosophies and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards document.

We seek to enable students to develop new mathematical understandings that build on and enrich their knowledge and appreciation of mathematics.

We create a learning environment that maximises students learning opportunities where the teacher is aware of, and responds to, the diversity of student’s individual needs and talents.

Thomastown East Primary School endeavours to arouse student’s curiosity, challenge student thinking and engage them in actively in learning. Our program consists of hands-on teaching activities that relate to real life experiences. We aim to bring the ‘fun’ back into maths.

We strive for students to develop within their own capabilities and to develop the mathematical skills and understanding needed for everyday living.

Learning Numeracy

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